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Welcome to the AGS website!

The Artist Guild of Shrewsbury creates a common ground to enrich and enlighten artists and the community in the visual arts. We are an organization dedicated to building connections between the arts community of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts area and the public. We seek to establish a tradition of special events and public displays of artwork.


Latest news:

Ron Rosenstock

Next meeting: Monday, November 7

The World is my palette." Ron Rosenstock will talk about his life in photography and show photographs he has made from his many destinations where he has led groups of photographers. His photographs are not about where he is photographing, but WHAT he is photographing. He will show photographs from Iceland, Greenland, Ireland, Italy, Bhutan, New Zealand, Cuba, The Czech Republic, India, Galapagos Islands and Peru. More


November 2016 Newsletter


Getting Ready

Our show at the Sprinkler factory is over - butyou can see some of the pictures here.




Our Member Showings is a place to let us know and see what you are exhibiting. Please send info and images to the webmaster so that we can include your work here!

Go here for Credit Union 2016 exhibition schedule.


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