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Summer Garden ARTIST: Joseph Rice
TITLE: Summer Garden II: Bee Balm and Daylilies
MEDIUM: Acrylic
SIZE: 24 x 30
PRICE: $1100


Three Continents ARTIST: Marion Buricatu
TITLE: A Trip Between Three Continents
MEDIUM: Collage and Oil on Masonite
SIZE: 16x20
PRICE: $1500

Preserving Peace

ARTIST: Sue Fleishman
TITLE: Preserving the Peace
A Path in the Lawn Garden at Tower Hill
MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas 
SIZE: 30 x 40 inches
PRICE: $485.00


Still Waters
ARTIST:  Jenn Falcon
TITLE: Still Water
MEDIUM:Colored pencil on bristol board
SIZE: 13 by 17
PRICE: $400


  Still Life Red Flowers


ARTIST: Kathleen  (Kay) Vuona
TITLE: Still Life/Red Flowers
MEDIUM: Watercolor           
SIZE: 16 X 20
PRICE:  $220.


River Trail


ARTIST: Peggy M. St. John
TITLE: River Trail
MEDIUM: Watercolor
SIZE: 11 ¼” X 16”
PRICE: $250.



Urban Renewal


ARTIST: Lee Smith
TITLE: Urban Renewal
MEDIUM: Ceramic with live plantings
SIZE: 10" x 12"
PRICE: $450


Summer Dreams Hydrangeas


ARTIST: Pauline Bergassi
TITLE: Summer Dream - Hydrangea
MEDIUM: Pressed Botanicals
SIZE: 11 x 14
PRICE: $350
  Red Chairs


ARTIST: Evelyn Abasciano
TITLE: Red Chairs
SIZE: 16 x 20
PRICE: $510.
Like Velvet


ARTIST: Pam Haynes
TITLE: Like Velvet
MEDIUM: Watercolor
SIZE: 12" x 15" (framed 18" x 24")
PRICE: $450




Summer at Tower Hill


ARTIST: Marjorie Needels
TITLE: Summer at Tower Hill
MEDIUM: watercolor
SIZE: 11 by 15
PRICE: $335


ARTIST: Kathleen Grimley
TITLE:  Iristhorpe in Shrewsbury
MEDIUM: Acrylic
SIZE: Size: 11 by 14
PRICE: Price: $800


Cool Tropics


TITLE: Cool Tropics
MEDIUM: Acrylic  
SIZE: 16 x 20
PRICE:  $400.

Free Fall


ARTIST: Chris Anderson
TITLE: Free Fall
SIZE: 9” x 11”
PRICE: $140.00
  Garden Symphony


ARTIST: Fern Nissim
TITLE: A Garden Symphony
MEDIUM: Photography on Canvas
SIZE: 16 x 20
PRICE: $175.00



Aunties Garden


ARTIST:  Kathleen Grimley
TITLE: Great Auntie's Gardens
MEDIUM: Acrylic
SIZE: 11 by 14
PRICE:  $800


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Autumn Brook


ARTIST:  Mary J. Dunn
TITLE: Autumn Brook
SIZE: 11"x14"
PRICE:  $390.00




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